Menu: Week 2 Cooking for 1

Garden Salad with Poached Chicken & Vietnamese Dressing Vegepod Lettuce

Menu Week 2: Still had some pre-bought meals this week as I am slowing getting use to cooking for 1 and I had a busy week with a lot of appointments so tried to still eat healthy.  Some days weren’t as good as others.


  1. Vietnamese Pork Bahn Mi Roll Bought
  2. KFC Boneless Fillet, Small Chips and Drink
  3. Thai Chicken Salad homemade
  4. English Muffin, bacon, Egg, Lettuce, Mayo
  5. Frozen Quiche with Garden Salad  Coleslaw Homemade
  6. Ham Cheese Tomato Toasted Sandwich Home made
  7. Jnr Whopper Burger Bought


  1. Pad Thai Turkey Homemade
  2. Pork Loin Fillet with Coleslaw Homemade
  3. Leftover Slow Cooked BBQ Beef, Mash, Wombok, Tomato
  4. Optifast Shakes for when I didn’t want to cook
  5. Optifast Dessert for when I didn’t want to cook
  6. * I had Optifast that needed to be used up so I had these for the rest of the week
  7. Garden salad with poached Chicken and Vietnamese Dressing


  1. Leftover Beef wrap
  2. Soup Tin
  3. Optifast
  4. Optifast
  5. Chicken Kebab
  6. Leftovers week 1
  7. Leftovers week 1