Pad kapao Chicken Stirfry

Chili paste with Basil leaves from Asian Supermarket

Serves 2


1 Chicken Breast Fillet sliced

1Tb Maesri Chili Paste with Basil Leaves (pad kapao)

1 pickled Galanga Gieng Sliced (pickled Galangal)

1 Organic Carrot Sliced

1 Cheek Red Capsicum Slice

50g Garlic Mushrooms

1/3 Cup Cooked Jasmine Rice *see note made more

1Tb Olive Oil



Slice chicken into strips or chunks

Slice Vegetables into even size pieces

*Put rice on to cook absorption method microwave 10min (1 Cup raw Rice to 2 Cups hot water – makes enough for 4 serves)

Add Chicken to hot wok with oil and chili paste then stir fry until almost cooked through

Add vegetables and stir fry a further 2-3minutes

Serve with cooked steamed rice 1/3 cup