Menu: Week 5 Cooking for 1

chili garlic basa tumeric chili chips Menu : Week 5



  1. Boiled Egg with Garlic Mushrooms20161120_074937-1.jpg
  2. Leftover Satay Chicken Homemade 20161117_103010-1.jpg
  3. Aldi Spaghetti Tin
  4. Pad Kapao Chicken
  5. Chicken Kebab w lot
  6. Devilled Sausage w mash and veg 20161117_110918-1.jpg
  7. Mini Lamb Meatloaf with Organic Mixed Salad, Carrot, Cherry Tomato, Strawberries, Mint Sauce 20161126_083134.jpg




  1. 2 Chicken Souvlaki Skewers
  2. Leftover Satay Chicken Homemade 20161117_103010-1.jpg
  3. Baked Seasoned Fish & Turmeric Chips chili garlic basa tumeric chili chips
  4. Chinese satay w rice
  5. Asian slaw poached chicken kimchi pickled ginger and cuke and nori sheet 20161124_152948-1.jpg
  6. same as no 5 without pickled ginger or nori wp-1479953834467.jpg
  7.  Chicken Herb Schnitzel White Hamburger Roll, lettuce, spicy Pickled Cukes,  Kewpie mayoSpicy pickled cucumber



  1. Leftover Satay Chicken Homemade20161117_103010-1.jpg
  2. Leftover Red Curry Chicken20161117_105307-1.jpg
  3. Pad Kapao Chicken
  4. lasagne bbq chicken salad
  5. devilled sausages mash veg20161117_110918-1.jpg
  6. mini lamb meatloaf homemade
  7. Sweet N Sour Chicken Bowl with Shrimp Rolls sweet n sour sauce homemade