Menu Week 6 : Cooking for 1



  1. McDonalds Tomato Relish Roll
  2.  leftover Asian Slaw with Kimchi and Chicken, Cuke,
  3. sundried tomato pasta sauce with chicken zucchini onion
  4. English Muffin, baby spinach, tomato,  Caramelised onion Relish, Roast Beef, Lactose Free Cheese, Dijon


  1. Pad See-Ew Chicken
  2. BBQ Chicken, Roasted Vegetables, Gravy, Broccoli
  3. homemade chow mein vegetables
  4. homemade Caesar Salad no dressing with carbonara


  1. Hamburger Roll with Spaghetti Sauce with Beef, Grated Tasty Cheese – Hambuger Pizza (same as English Muffin Pizza just burger roll instead)
  2. leftover bbq chicken and roasted vegetables w broccolini
  3. leftover bbq chicken and roasted vegetables w cauliflower