chicken lasagne

chicken mushroom shallot lasagne

chicken mushroom shallot lasagne

ingredients using up leftovers

serves 4

4 gluten free fresh  lasagne sheets

1/4 cup organville marinara sauce

1 green shallot

4 button mushrooms

1 poached chicken breast sliced

50g parmesan shaved

1/4 béchamel sauce



preheat oven 180*c fan forced oven

layer 2 lasange sheets on baking dish

spread with marinara sauce

slice mushrooms and poached chicken breast and cut shallots. spread over sauce

top with remaining sheets and spread over béchamel and parmesan

bake 20-25 minutes

cool then slice into 4

serve with steamed vegetables or garden salad

chicken mushroom shallot lasagne


Cook for 3 Minutes on high to reheat in Microwave