lamb lasagne



serves 4

500g lamb mince

1Tb mint

light  pinch sea salt

light pinch black pepper

mix well

1/2 jar organville marinara sauce

1/2 packet fresh gluten-free lasagnesheets

1/4 cup tasty cheese grated

olive oil cooking spray


preheat oven 180*c

cook mince w seasoning and mint until brown in nonstick skillet with cooking spray

layer 2 lasagne sheets on base of baking dish

top with mince and then marinara sauce

place remaining 2 lasagne sheets on top then sprinkle with the cheese

bake 20min

cut into 4

Serve with

1/ Garden Salad

lasagne w garden side salad

2/ baked potato and pumpkin & Garden Salad

baked pumpkin potato lasagne

3/ Avocado & Garden Salad