Satay Poached Chicken


using up the leftovers of a few meals for breakfast.  I am currently trying out a new way of eating. As the old saying Eat like a king for breakfast, Queen for lunch, Pauper for dinner. (Largest meal of the day at breakfast, middle at lunch, smallest at dinner). Going to bed on a lighter meal has helped me sleep a lot better. The bigger meal at breakfast has fueled me for the day and keeps me going until lunch and I don’t need snacks. I often make more than 1 serve when cooking meals now as I am cooking for 1. Then I have meals ready to go and just a matter of reheating them.

Serves 1


1 poached chicken breast

1Tb Satay Sauce homemade

1/2  Carrot

1 /2 zucchini

1/2 Baked Potato



Place all on microwave plate and reheat 2minutes on high in microwave.