Cooking for One

just some tips i found helpful in recent weeks

  • buy frozen veg on special $2/bag usually get 4-6 serves (1 cup serves) freeze in zip lock bags w 1 serve per bag also saves on cooking time
  • keep a list of your go to list for frequently used items and buy when on special. sometimes there is a 2 for 1 offer on items which can save $ and have extras on hand eg pasta sauces, tins, stock
  • buy 1 tray meat with eg 5-6 pieces and cut into portion sizes which gives you double qty eg steak/chicken pieces then freeze in portion sizes
  • Cook 1 Qty of the recipe eg serves 4 and put the serves into single containers with lids (I use takeaway containers found in discount stores) they can be then frozen for when you need  a meal and don’t want to cook