Vietnamese Lemongrass & Basil Chicken

vietnamese lemongrass chicken stirfy A Summers Day with a Storm and cold too. This was a nice warm up breakfast with a serve left for another day.

vietnamese lemongrass chicken stirfy









Ingredients Serves 2

2 small Chicken Breast Fillets

1 Tub Vietnamese Lemongrass & Basil Paste

100g Fresh Stir-fry Vegetables

Optional : Serve with Steamed Rice

1Tb Olive Oil



*If cooking rice from raw start 10min before serving (Absorption method 10min in microwave)

Cut chicken into cubes or strips

In fry pan or non stick skillet add oil and cook chicken until 3/4 cooked then add paste and vegetables.

Continue to stir fry until chicken is cooked all the way through.

heat rice if precooked with 1Tb water and microwave for 1min 30 sec in microwave