slow cooker: bolognaise sauce

slow cooked bolognaise sauce

This is a keeper and a little different to what I normally make. It keeps well in the freezer for future meals.





slow cooked bolognaise w fresh homegrown lettuce


#1 with fresh  lettuce straight from vegepod







Bolognaise sauce serves 6

500g Mince (grass fed if you can afford it)

1 Large organic carrot diced

1 organic celery stalk diced

1 brown onion diced

1 tin organic tomatoes crushed

1 jar organic marinara sauce

1 Tb fresh or dried oregano

1Tb fresh or dried parsley

1Tb fresh or dried Basil

1Tb Worcestershire sauce



Place all ingredients into slow cooker and cook on high for 2hours or 4hrs on slow

Serve with Wholemeal Spaghetti and salad greens or herbs

slow cooked bolognaise w fresh homegrown herbs


#2 with fresh herbs from the garden pots







leftovers spaghetti


#3 With Parmesan







slow cooker bolognaise w herbs

#4 With Italian Herbs and Parmesan