Rice Paper Rolls: Chicken & Vermicelli


I had been out with some girlfriends to dinner and movie to celebrate the end of the year. We ate at a Asian restaurant and I ordered the fresh rice paper rolls which were divine. The next day I wanted to make my own as I knew I had most of the ingredients at home.


Ingredients Serves 1

3 Rice Paper Rolls

1/2 Chicken Breast Fillet Poached

1 Vermicelli Block

1/2 Cucumber into Ribbons with peeler

1 Tb Coriander Fresh

1/3 large Mushroom

1Tb Vietnamese Dipping Sauce  *Or sweet chili sauce



Poach chicken breast in microwave steamer for 6 minutes

Meanwhile :

Soak vermicelli in warm water then drain and pat dry with paper towel

Peel cucumber into ribbons with peeler lengthwise

tear off coriander leaves

chop mushroom into bite size pieces

Serve dipping sauce into small ramekin

have a bowl of warm water ready to go

when chicken is finished cooking shred the meat

Dip the rice paper wrappers one at a time to make the roll

Soak for 30 seconds lay on flat board.

Place coriander down middle then top with vermicelli, cucumber, mushroom and chicken

fold the ends in like a envelope and then roll. then repeat with remaining wrappers.

*NB: Be careful not to overfill the filling as they will rip.