Vegepod : My First Cucumber

vegepod cucumber

It had been Christmas/New Year and I didn’t get to water the vegepod each day but that wasn’t a bad thing. I was excited to see this little beauty after a few days of not watering vegepod. 1st Jan 2017 was the harvest date. My first cucumber.

vegepod lettuce


Also picked this lettuce that was growing for 2 salads





vegepod lettuce homegrown cucumber

Using my cucumber for 2 salads and the lettuce and store bought radish, carrot and tomato added.

vegepod lettuce homegrown cucumber


This is the 2nd salad same as above









More things growing and silverbeet has come good.

Still no zucchinis but I think its because they are all male plants as there is no pollination happening with the cover on.

Parsley Is thriving as is the basil planted just before Christmas






vegepod Pickling Cukes are growing well and tomato plants.

Lettuces are going from strength to strength

Herbs in the pots are also doing great