sweet potato fritter

Homemade Sweet Potato Fritter served with Smoked Salmon, Kewpie Mayo, Lettuce and Cuke from Vegepod and Lemon Slices

I have seen sweet potato fritters floating on paleo websites so decided to give it a go myself.

These were nice and you could add any spices to them as you wish.

Great with salad for a lighter meal.




1 sweet potato steamed in microwave for 6min til cooked then mash in bowl

add 1 free range egg

1 Tb fresh mint (from herb pot) torn

2Tb plain flour

mix together and place 1 Tb of mixture at a time into non stickĀ skillet until brown but do not crowd pan. cook for 1-2minute then flip until brown

serve with garlic aioli, lemon wedge, smoked salmon and vegepod fresh lettuce and fresh cuke (i pickled overnight)