Bowl Meals : Chicken Nori bowl

Poached Chicken Nori Bowl With Kimchi and Steamed Mixed Vegetables and Green Shallots

Chicken Nori Bowls to use up the Nori Sheets. Delicious fresh and tasty.

Poached Chicken Nori Bowl with Thai Oyster Sauce











Ingredients serves 1 bowl

1 1/2 Nori Sheets cut into bite size pieces

1/3 cup Cooked Jasmine Rice

1 Chicken Tender poached

1/2 Cup  fresh chicken stock

1 Green Shallot

1/2 Cup Cooked Carrot/broccoli/cauli mixed veg

1Tb Kimchi

Optional : 1 Tb Vietnamese Dressing or 1Tb Thai Oyster Sauce



Slice chicken into cubes and poach the chicken in chicken stock

reheat rice if not freshly cooked (1-2 minute in microwave on high with 1 tbsp. water)

Cut up shallots.

Steam mix vegetables 4 min on high in microwave bowl

Serve place the rice in centre then add remaining ingredients around the bowl with the

chicken in middle.

If using dressing/sauce sprinkle over the top