Homemade Satsuma-age (Japanese Fish Cakes)

Homemade Satsuma-age with Mixed Salad

I was wanting Japanese fish cake recipe like the ones I use to buy at the Japanese takeaway.

I found the recipe but tweaked it! To my surprise tasted exactly the same as what I use to buy.

The takeaway version comes on skewers
Makes 8-10 fish cakes

2 Pieces Fish fillets boneless and skinless (Aldi frozen)

1Tb Potato Starch

2Tb Deb potato flakes

1Tb Flour

1 Egg

1tb Rice Wine Vinegar

1/2 cup green peas

1/2 cup carrot diced

1/2 brown onion diced

Olive Oil for frying

Serve with Mixed leaves and grated carrot,  sweet chili sauce



Dice the carrot and onion

place fish and vinegar with a light pinch Himalayan pink salt in food processor and pulse

add remaining ingredients to blender and pulse until it comes together like a thick paste.

(*add a touch more flour if need to combine)

Roll into balls.

Heat oil in frypan and ladle 1 Tb ball into pan at a time and flatten with spatula. Don’t walk off.

You need to flip then when brown it doesn’t take long at all. Then repeat with remaining mixture

Cook the whole batch and place remaining serves in container with lid for another day