Chicken Bone Broth Homemade

Slow Cooker Chicken Bone Broth

Cooked in slow cooker over low heat for 4 hours. The longer you leave it the better it is.

I know Pete Evans cooks his for 8-12 hours.


This is my recipe with what I had available


My Recipe

1 organic free range chicken

2 Organic Carrot

2 Organic Celery Sticks

2 Onion

1 Cup water

1 Bouquet garni

1tsp black peppercorns


Place all ingredients into slow cooker and cook for 4+ hours on low. Then remove all but the broth. Pull chicken meat off carcass and use for other meals. Toss vegetables  unless you want them for a soup

Allow to cool then store in glass mason jars with lids in fridge or freezer in ice cube trays .