Chinese: Pork In Plumb Sauce

Chinese : Pork in Plumb Sauce

Sometimes I get a little more lazy with cooking for 1.

I often make a batch with serves 4 meals so I don’t have to cook each night.

The reheat is as quick as 2minutes in microwave and meals can be frozen.

This is another meal I don’t batter or deep fry the pork like traditional Chinese pork in plumb sauce.

Ingredients serves 4

1 bottle Plumb Sauce

400g Pork steaks

1 Pouch Rice Microwave 90 seconds



Cut pork into strips

Cook pork in sauce and divide by 4 containers.

follow directions on packet of rice and cook for 90 seconds

Divide rice into 4 on top of the pork.

Reheat is as simple as putting on a plate and microwave for 2minutes.