Tumeric Chicken

Homemade Satay Chicken

I stopped at the farmers markets in town and got some fresh tumeric to grate. So fresh and love it with almost everything.

Serves 4


2 Large chicken breast cut into strips

1 cup Chicken bone broth
1 Tb tumeric

1Tb Fresh Ginger

1Tb Fresh Garlic

1/2 Cup diced frozen Capsicum (can use fresh if you prefer)

Optional : add red or green chili if you like, if you want it hot keep seeds and membrane in otherwise remove them for a milder chili. Thai birds eye chili are the small ones and are a lot hotter than the larger long red ones which don’t have much heat

Served with Brown Rice Pouch



Stir fry chicken with tumeric, garlic, ginger, capsicum and fresh chicken bone broth until chicken is cooked through

Cook rice according to directions on packet.