The month of …

heartsThe month of… is a new thing i will do each month of foods I love to cook. I am a foodie at heart and have been cooking since I was 12. I love to experiment with making new recipes and this year have seen a lot of changes in regards to meals. However I am committing to doing this food blog and will highlight special events each month.

baked yum cha

January’s Chinese new year  so I have been making lots of Asian meals.

Yum Cha is available in the freezer section and you can bake them in the oven with cooking spray so they are not soaked or fried in oil. Sometimes i will steam them in the microwave steamer if i am not wanting to wait. takes 2-3 minutes in the microwave or 20 minutes in the oven.

Recent Chinese Dishes include rice and I was using pre-bought sauces or making my own.

Steamed Dim Sim in Bone Broth

Lemon Chicken

Satay Chicken

Pork in Plumb Sauce

Hoisin Lamb


February is the month of romance and love for valentine’s day.

Even if you are single there is something special about making yourself a nice meal sitting down with cloth covered table with a atmosphere of candles and flowers because you are worth loving you.  Usually valentines day includes lots of chocolate. Dark chocolate with 80% or more cocoa is my go to chocolate without all the sugar in it.

Coming Soon …

Meal of Love

Dark Chocolate Delights.