Steamed Yum Cha in Microwave

Steamed Thai Spring Rolls & Samosa Triangles With Thai Oyster Sauce

Boiling hot 40*c and didn’t want to cook so put some yum cha in microwave steamer and cooked for 3 minutes then sprinkled with sauce.

Not necessarily the healthiest of dinners but it filled me up. 6 thai spring rolls, 5 triangles

Yum Cha: Samosa Triangle with Sweet Chili Sauce


Instead of frying in greasy oil I either steam these in the microwave in a microwave steamer for 2 minutes or see my other post

Baked Yum Cha

They come frozen in a multi pack in the freezer section of Asian frozen entree’s.

They make a great snack any time of the day or entrée to main or as a main dish

Yum Cha: Money Bags with Tamari Gluten Free Soy