Cook with Barb: Menu 2

Cook with Barb: Menu 2

Day 2 also inspired by the Lite N’ Easy Menu Plan last week.

Not much prep to do for meals today.

Total Cost Menu  $11.55

Breakfast : Ham, Cheese, Tomato Toastie

2 slices Soy & Linseed Toast

2 Slices Tasty Cheese

3 Slices Smoked Ham

1 Tomato

light pinch black pepper



Place cheese on each slice toast.

Cut 1 slice of ham in half and top cheese with 1 1/2 slices of ham

Slice tomato and distribute evenly between the two slices

Sprinkle the pepper on tomato

Place under grill until cheese melts.

Alternatively make it as 1 sandwich in the breville/jaffles/sandwich press


Morning Snack : Peaches Cup


Lunch : BBQ Chicken & Salad Mayo Wrap

1 BBQ Chicken Breast (buy a whole bbq chook for the weeks meals)

1 Cup Organic Mixed Leaves

1 Small Tomato Sliced

1 Organic Baby Carrot Grated

1 Cuke (Baby cucumber) Sliced

1 Sourdough Wrap

1 tsp Mayonnaise

serve with Fruit : 2 slices pineapple



Assemble wrap

Microwave the chicken for 1-2 minutes until heated through and then shred

Microwave the wrap for 20 seconds if you want a warm wrap.

Spread the wrap with the mayo

Place leaves on top of the mayo down middle of the wrap

Slice tomato and place on leaves down middle of the wrap

Slice Cuke and add next to tomato slices slightly overlapping

Add the chicken

Optional you can add 1 slice of pineapple to wrap or eat the pineapple separately

fold sides in on wrap and then roll

Cut into diagonal.


Dinner : Lamb Rosemary Hotpot

Follow Directions on packet