Cook with Barb: Menu 3

Cook with Barb: Menu 3

I bought a pre-packed Caesar salad for 2 meals and added my own variations so see recipes.

I am not a huge fan of cereal or carbs in morning but there is only a little amount of cereal so I thought I would try it.

I am also planning on doing costings for each meal to show how cheap they are to eat healthy meals so stay tuned for that.

I did find my portions had gotten a little out of whack and it was through Lite N’ Easy program menu last week that helped me get back on track with them this week.

Total Cost Menu  $15.69

Breakfast: Mini Wheats & Organic Peanut Toast

15g Mini wheats

1/2 Cup Heart Active Milk (reduces cholesterol)

1 Tb Organic Peanut Butter

1 Slice Soy & Linseed Toast



Pour mini wheats into bowl with milk and eat

Toast the slice then spread with peanut


Morning Snack : 1 Chobani Yogurt


Lunch : Caesar with Roasted Potato Salad

1 Caesar Salad Bag

1/3 Cup Roasted Potatoes (Precooked)

Optional : Add Boiled Egg Slices

Fruit : 1 Fruit Salad Cup



Make the Caesar Salad by emptying contents of the bag (Lettuce, bacon, parmesan, croutons and Caesar dressing) into large bowl and mix then divide into 2 serves

add the potato to the salad and mix well.

  • I bought roasted potato in a container when I got the bbq chicken to save time of baking
  • You can microwave it and cut into chunks for 6 minutes in microwave steamer
  • You can roast it in oven with 1Tb olive oil for 20 minutes or until cooked through: Tip if you cut into chunks first it will cook a little quicker

Afternoon Snack : 2 Wholegrain Vitawheats, 1 Teaspoon Vegemite , 30g Dried Apricots


Dinner : Chinese Chicken & Cashews

Follow Direction on packet