Cook with Barb: Menu 5

Cook with Barb : Menu 5

Todays menu is using up the other Caesar salad

Breakfast is a recipe I learnt in school that makes A Hawaiian Pizza Muffin which became a family favourite for many years.

The dinners were on special this week for less $2.50 hense why I decided to do these.

Total Cost Menu  $10.81

Breakfast : Hawaiian Pizza Muffins

1 English Muffin

1Tbs salt Reduced Tomato Paste or you can use tomato sauce or leftover pasta sauce

2 slices  Tasty Cheese

4 Slices Smoked Ham

2 Pineapple rings.



Pull apart the muffin in middle to make 2 muffins

Top with tomato paste then 2 slices ham per muffin

top with 1 slice pineapple and 1 slice of cheese

then repeat with 2nd half

Grill for a few minutes until cheese has melted

or put on a microwave plate and microwave for 1 minute


Morning Snack: 15g Almonds
Lunch : BBQ Chicken Caesar Salad

1/2 Caesar Salad leftover

30g Sliced BBQ Chicken



Add to Caesar salad and mix through.


Afternoon Snack Peaches Fruit Cup


Dinner: Beef in Red Wine Sauce with Garlic Mash

Follow Directions on packet