Cook with Barb: Menu 6

Cook with Barb : Menu 6

Todays Menu uses up things from the start of the week such as the quinoa brown rice & BBQ Chicken Breast.

Frozen vegetables are a handy thing to have and I measure them out into half cup serving sizes in zip lock bags

then you have 1 bag per serve. You can get 5-6 serves from one 500g bag.

Raisin toast can also be frozen in zip lock bags in individual serves.

The dinner was prepared at the start of the week and frozen.

All the meals this week were prepared at the start of the week and put into containers with lids then into a bag with each days meals

Took me 3hours total to get all the serves done but they are ready to just grab and go.

Total Cost Menu  $10.45

Breakfast: Raisin Toast with Logical

1 Slice Raisin Toast

1tsp Logical or Proactive margarine (reduces cholesterol)


Morning Snack : 1 Cup grapes


Lunch : Garden Salad with Beetroot & Pineapple

1 cup Mixed Leaves Organic

1 small tomato sliced

1 baby carrot organic grated

1/3 organic beetroot grated

1 slice pineapple



Mix all together and enjoy


Afternoon Snack : Fruit Salad Fruit Cup


Dinner : BBQ Chicken Breast with Quinoa/Brown Rice & Veges

1 BBQ Chicken Breast

1/2 Cup Quinoa/Brown Rice

1 Cup Frozen Mixed Vegetables (Peas, Carrot, Capsicum)

Optional : Serve with 1Tb Tamari Gluten Free Soy or Thai Sweet Chili Sauce



Heat the dinner in microwave  dish for 3-4 minutes.