Cook with Barb: Menu 7

Cook with Barb : Menu 7

I only bought 5 frozen dinners and made the remaining 2 myself using up the leftovers from the week.

Todays lunch is a quick one but for me I find it filling enough with the snacks

Total Menu Cost $8.11

Breakfast : Mini Wheats and Milk with Peanut toast

15g Mini wheats

1/2 cup Heart Active Milk

1 Slice Soy & Linseed Toast

1Tb Organic Peanut Butter



put cereal in bowl add milk

toast the bread slice and spread with peanut


Morning Snack : 1 /2 Cup Strawberries


Lunch :  Spring Rolls with Plumb Sauce

6 Cocktail Spring Rolls

2Tb Plumb Sauce



In microwave steamer steam for 3minutes and serve with sauce

If you want them baked cook in oven on baking tray 180*C for 15 minutes


Afternoon Snack : 15g Crispy Asian Noodles with Cashews


Dinner: BBQ Chicken Breast, Quinoa Brown Rice & Vegetables

1 Chicken Breast Fillet

1 Cup Steamed Asian Stir Fry Vegetables

1/3 Cup Quinoa Brown Rice

Optional : Serve with 1 Tb Thai Oyster Sauce



Place into microwave bowl and reheat for 3 minutes