Cook with Barb: Menu Plan #1

Cook with Barb: Menu 1

After completing Lite N’ Easy Meals for the past week as a trial I have decided to get back into doing my own to compare costs re cooking for one. Meals were great and I loved the convenience of not having to cook and meals were $20.50 a day total for 3 mains and 2 snacks.

Well today I decided to give it a go and compare. I came in under the weekly amount for 7 days meals, 2 snacks and 3 mains a day. $88.53 total weeks meals. Freezer dinners were chosen as a comparison as they are very similar to what you get on the program portion size.

Some of the breakfasts and lunches are my versions of what I had last week. I was even able to find snacks almost identical to what I was given last week so used them as inspirations for these next 7 days menu plans for 1 person.

If there is a recipe I made I will include it as well on here.

Total Cost this menu $15.43

Breakfast : Cooked tomato & Eggs on toast

1 slice Soy & Linseed toast

2 free range eggs

1 tomato



Cook eggs how you like them poached, fried, boiled or in a omelet.

Grill tomato or use in omelet.

Cook the toast and serve with the eggs and tomato

Tip : place each slice of bread in zip lock bags and freeze until needed. If making a sandwich have 2 slices per bag per sandwich.


Morning Snack : Fruit salad Cup


Lunch : Red Quinoa and Brown Rice Salad

1/2 Cup cooked Quinoa/brown rice (microwave pouch 90sec )

2 slices Bacon (use sow stall free if you can get it)

5 Cherry Tomatoes halved

1/3 Cup Lentils (I used the can variety drained)

1 Cup Mixed Leaves (Organic)

1 Fresh Organic Baby Carrot Grated

1/4 Fresh Organic Beetroot Grated



Cook Quinoa/Brown Rice according to directions on pouch and keep the rest for other meals during the week.

Slice bacon into thin strips and microwave in microwave safe bowl for 30 seconds

Cut Tomatoes in half

Keep remaining lentils for another meal for next week in container with lid.

Measure out 1 cup leaves and place into salad serving bowl.

Grate Carrot and Beetroot and add to the mixed leaves and mix through well.

Add remaining ingredients and mix well.


Afternoon Snack :

15gĀ  Noodle Mix With Cashews (Majans Bhuja Snacks :Gluten free No artificial colours or flavoring)


Dinner: Spaghetti Bolognaise

Cook according to directions on packet



Peaches and Custard

Make custard according to directions on packet

then serve with peach cup