Bowl Meals: Greek Salad

Greek Salad Bowl

Greek Salad Bowl

Another New Bowl Recipe to end summer

Great bowl for any time of day

Takes next to no time to put together

Great for hot days when you don’t want to cook but want a healthy meal


Ingredients Serves 1

1 handful Cos Lettuce

J1 handful Julienne Carrot (you can now buy bags with this done already)

1/4 Cucumber sliced

2Tb Sliced Black Olives (home brand)

30g Feta (Salt Reduced)

5 Cherry Tomato halved

1 Tb Greek Dressing

My Options: Serve with Lamb, Fish



Cut and slice tomato, cucumber, feta

Julienne or grate carrot or buy bought already done

Place  dressing in dressing pot (*comes with a lid) in middle of the bowl

assemble salad around dressing pot.