English Muffin : Breakfast in Microwave

micro bacon egg muffin

micro bacon egg muffin

Cooking bacon a different way and it worked in the microwave with egg in a egg poacher.

So breakfast is done in under 3 minutes.

English Muffins make a great base for any breakfast dish.

Here is just two samples in one dish.



I have frozen a pack of English muffins individually in zip lock bags to use later then put into toaster with the defrost setting on toaster

They can be used for all sorts of meals.

See Beef n Beans on English Muffin for another quick breakfast

Breakfast in under 3 minutes !

micro bacon egg muffin

breakfast in microwave












1 Organic Free Range Egg

1 Slice Middle Cut sow stall free bacon

1 English muffin

1/2 Tomato

1 Handful Mixed Leaves

1Tb Garlic Aioli

1Tb BBQ sauce

Garnish: Fresh Vegepod Basil Leaves



Place bacon and egg in microwave poacher and poach for 90 Seconds

*If already cooked then just reheat on English muffin for 40 seconds

Split and Toast the muffin

Slice tomato and place handful mixed leaves on bottom of muffin with aioli

then tomato slices and few sprigs fresh basil

Top other half with egg and bacon and squirt bbq sauce over top in zig zag fashion