Salads : Egg & Parmigiano

parmigiano bowl

Egg & Parmigiano

This is one of my New salads end of summer.

This is a version of Caesar without traditional ingredients

A new take with poached egg & microwave bacon.


Entrée 2 serves, Main 1 serve


1 baby cos lettuce leaves

1 1/2 slices sow stall free bacon

1 organic free range egg

1 slice soy and linseed bread toasted

30g shaved Parmigiano cheese



Place egg and bacon in microwave poacher with lid for 90 seconds on high

Meanwhile toast the bread and cut into cubes

Put half the leaves in bowl then top with half the cheese

cut bacon into strips then half again and spread half on top of the cheese

repeat layers then top with egg in middle and sprinkle around the toasted cubes of bread.