NEW: Lamb

Rosemary Mint Lamb with Vegetables

New Lamb Dinners are here this week

Got some lamb on special. It is my all time favourite meat. I just added some spices and herbs to the steaks.

To make it a meal as shown add steamed vegetables and potato mash or baked potato cubes.


Lamb Steaks

Ingredients Serves 3

3 Lamb Steaks

3Tb Rosemary

3Tb Dried mint

Cooking Spray Olive Oil



Spray steaks with Cooking oil and 1/2 season with rosemary and mint on both sides

Cook for 2-3 minutes until brown then turn and repeat.

Serve with Steamed Vegetables, Baked Potato Cubes or Mash


To make Baked Potato Cubes

Cut potato 1 per serve into cubes.

Bake in oven 180*c with 1Tb olive oil for 20 minutes

then check them if still firm toss and cook further 10-15 minutes.

Because they are smaller they will cook quicker.


To make Mash

1/3 Cup Instant mash flakes or 1 boiled/steamed potato and mash with fork or potato masher

1Tb Heart Active Milk

1Tb Butter

2 Tb Hot boiling water

Mix together  until smooth

You can add salt, pepper or garlic or parsley.


Steam Vegetables

Place vegetables in microwave bowl with 1Tb water and cook on high for 3-4minutes

Drain water and serve with steaks and potato