Dessert: Berry Choc Waffles

Berry Choc Waffle

Berry Choc Waffle

I don’t often have dessert but when I do I make it count.

I don’t normally have ice-cream so this was a treat for me, as it was only 2 small scoops to use the last of the ice-cream the kids left in freezer.

Frozen berries also needed to be used up.


Ingredients serves 1

2 Squares Waffles

1/2 Cup Frozen berries

1tsp Organic Raw Sugar

2 small scoops chocolate ice-cream



Split the waffles into squares and toast them

Heat the berries in sauce pan with sugar until sugar dissolves and the berries get a liquid/sauce

Scoop the ice-cream onto waffles then top with the hot berries.


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