Breakfast for 1

breakfast for 1

Breakfast for 1 with new serving plates and cups I picked up from Kmart for $2 each.

Treat meal I don’t normally have

Ingredients serves 1

Large Breakfast : The Lot

Small Breakfast – Ham & Cheese Croissant with Cup of Tea

Small Breakfast – Coco Bombs and Tea

1 Croissant

2 Slices Soccerball Ham thinly sliced

1 Slice Lite Havarti Cheese

1/2 Cup Gluten Free Coco bombs

1/2 Cup Heart Active Milk



Split the croissant in half

Place cheese and ham in the middle then put top back on

Place on plate and microwave for 1 minute until cheese melts

Serve with Coco bombs and milk

Gluten-free coco bombs w heart active milk