Frugal Tips

Recently due to lifes circumstances I have found myself in a different season with finances so I have had to cut back alot to basics. here are some of my tips for getting essential items cheaply. 

  • Laundry supplies i find its cheaper to buy in bulk 4ltr laundry liquid and lasts a lot longer now I only do 1 load a week instead of the daily washing. Got in bulk at big w but have bought it also through reject/ liquidator discount stores. they also have fabric softener in bulk.
  • Kitchen Paper towel i picked up 8rolls for $9 in big w instead of paying $2-3 per roll in supermarket
  • Dishwasher tablets in bulk at Big W/liquidation stores or online you get 90-120 tabs for $20
  • Kitchen chux wipes cheaper in bigger roles at big w/liquidator stores. You can save even more buy cutting them in half.
  • Toilet Paper bulk packs 30 rolls often vome onspecial in a 6 week rotation as do many specials
  • Sauces eg Asian/Pasta and soups can be cheaper at reject store. $1.50 / jar vs supermarket  $3-4 for the same item. supermarket sell on special 2bottles  for a bit cheaper price (only get if you use it all the time)
  • supermarket generic labels are  just as good as other companies items. Companies pay for eye level shelf exposure but top and bottom shelves have same item just cheaper with generic labels.
  • shop on perimeter of the store meat fruit veg and bread are usually there. all the packets/ junk in middle isles you dont need to eat healty meals.
  • make own sauces and dressings from scratch so you know what’s in them and less sodium. your blender is your friend so use  it for smoother consisteny
  • buy big bulk trays of meat and cut it up yourself. 1 serve is same size of your palm 100g lunch and 200g dinner.  store in zip lock bags in freezer with labels
  • if you dont eat breads pasta rice dont buy them
  • cheaper supermarket such as foodworks and IGA & Aldi are cheaper and just as good as Coles and Woolies.