Vietnamese Bahn Mi Roll

Homemade Vietnamese Rolls:

Hotdog rolls/bahn mi rolls/burger buns are a quick fix filling meal without it being hot dogs and burgers.

Sometimes I can buy the Bahn Mi. Rolls other times I have to substitute with Hot dog Rolls.

Barbs Vietnamese Chicken Salad Roll

Vietnamese chicken salad roll Ingredients:

bbq chicken, bean sprouts, mint, basil, coriander,  sauerkraut, carrot, green shallot, homegrown thai chil[\caption]

Herb Schnitzel W Kimchi Burger

Coles herb & Garlic Chicken Schnitzel w kimchi and bought coleslaw on round burger bun[\csption]

Bahn Mi see below

Vietnamese roll with bbq pork, pickled vegepod daikon & carrot, coriander, pickled ginger, ham pate, green shallot, homegrown thai chili

Barb’s Homemade BBQ Pork Vietnamese Roll