new sides more coming

I wanted to try some different combinations for vegetables.

Some will have a marinade others with different herbs and spices or a sauce.


1/ 1Tb balsamic vinegar, 1Tb organic honey,1Tb  olive oil and 1Tb sesame seed with pumpkin baked in baking dish 180*c for 40minutes turning half way

2/ glazed carrots. 1/2  bag organic carrots, 1 sprinkle garlic powder, 1 sprinkle thyme, 1 drizzle of balsamic, 1 drizzle organic honey, 1 sprinkle mustard dried, light pinch Himalayan pink salt, light pinch black pepper,  1 drizzle olive oil, 1 sprinkle cumin, 1Tb organic butter cubed.  mix over the ingredients over the carrots on both sizes then bake for 1 hour 180*C  turn half way and recoat with the marinade/sauce

3/ Tumeric Garlic Mash: 1/4 packet instant potato, 1-2Tb water and 1-2Tb heart active milk with 1tb organic butter to make the mash then mix in grated raw tumeric and 1Tb garlic powder