herb schnitzel burger with oven chips

herb schnitzel burger with oven chips

Mmm Make at home instead of takeaway

burger and chips without the grease.

Lunch at home with a friend instead of eating out.

Serves 1


Burger A:

1 burger bun

1 Herb Garlic Schnitzel Breast

1 handful Cos Lettuce

1Tb Norganic Mayo

Burger B: Add

1 Tomato slice

3 Beetroot Slices

1 Tb Pickled Gherkins

1 Slice Tasty Cheese

Cooking Spray : Olive Oil

Optional Sauces : 1Tb

Sweet Chili, Tomato Relish, BBQ, Ketchup, Honey Mustard, Dijon or leave out sauce all together.


Served with

1 Handful Frozen Straight Cut Chips Baked in oven

1tsp Himalayan Pink Salt,

1tsp Salt Reduced Massels Chicken Stock Powder



Preheat oven 180*C Fan-Forced Oven

Spray chicken schnitzel with Olive Oil Cooking Spray on both sides  and place on baking tray

Place Chips on tray and spray with Cooking Spray then mix well.

Cook for 20minutes then turn and cook further 15min

* when you turn place bun in oven .

Split bun in half and place on tray in bottom of oven until golden brown

Cut lettuce

For Option B slice tomato and gherkin

When bun is done spread with mayo

Top with cheese slice for option B

Add remaining ingredients

Sprinkle chips with the salt and chicken powder.


herb schnitzel w homegrown lettuce from vegepod w norganic mayo