Vegepod:Harvest Pak choi

Vegepod Pak Choi Homegrown and soo good.

Love it when I can go to vegepod and get fresh for meals. I found the organic coriander in Woolworth’s and the red chili from the local farmers markets.

This was a lovely dinner and worth another repeat




Ingredients serves 1

1/4 pak choi homegrown in vegepod

1 salmon fillet

1/2cup cooked jasmine rice

1Tb thai oyster sauce

1 sesame seed

1 long red chili

1 handful organic coriander


steam salmon in microwave steamer for 3 1/2 minutes

place rice and pak choi on serving plate and sprinkle over oyster sauce and sesame seed

slice chili

place coriander and sliced chili in a ramekin to serve w meal.

1 whole pak choi large vegepod