Homemade Slaw 2

Homemade Slaw is so versatile and goes with anything.  Here are some different ways I have used my homemade slaws. Enjoy!

fish, jasmine rice, Basic slaw







kfc tenders & chips w kale & herb slaw







herb schnitzel chips, Basic slaw







Homemade kale Slaw, Rice & Cleaver Organic Lamb Mint Snags, Daikon, Garlic, Tamari










Recipe Basic Slaw
1/4 Cabbage Shredded

1 Carrot Grated

2 Green Shallot or 1/4 Red Onion

1 Lemon Juiced


1/ Add Herbs : Mint, Parsley, Coriander, Basil

2/ Add Kale

3/Basic Slaw with kale & herbs Add Daikon, Rice, Leftover Sausage, tamari, ginger

4/ Add Norganic Mayo or Aioli

5/ Use Fennel instead of the Cabbage

6/ Use Wombok instead of the Cabbage

7/ Use Red Cabbage


Mix ingredients together then serve with your choice of meat, fish, poultry, sausages or on its own