No cream grass fed beef strog

Grass fed beef strog no cream

Ingredients serves 2

200g drovers grass fed beef steak

1 cup button mushrooms

1/2 red onion

1Tb organic tomatoe ketchup

1Tb tomato paste

1Tb smoked paprika

3 cloves garlic diced

1tsp rice flour

1/2 cup beef stock

1 organic zucchini sliced

1tb olive oil

1 tsp butter


Cook onion well in oil and butter with garlic. Slice steak into strips and add to onion with paprika ketchup and tomatoe paste and add stock.  Cook for about 5 minutes then add remaining ingredients stir unyil mixed through.

Serve 2 portions. *can be kept in takeout container w lid and frozen. Reheat in microwave bowl 2 minutes on high