Basa or barramundi or hoki boneless fillets are what i use.

  1. Fish poached in microwave steamer served with
  • rice
  • asian vegetables
  • Carrot, green beans
  • Cauli, broccoli
  • Garden salad
  • Chips

sauce to serve with fish

  • thai oyster
  • sweet chili sauce
  • fresh chili green shallot garlic ginger with soy and mirin
  • Lemon slices, onion with parsley
  • Tartare
  • Cooked Tomato & onion with herbs & basil
  • White sauce with herbs
  • Lemon butter with parsley
  • Garlic butter with herbs

*could also do fish in a foil pouch cooked in oven 180*c for 15-20min

Other meals with fish

  • Pumpkin mashed with greens choose from beans/broccoli/peas
  • Wedges, carrot, beans, tomato relish
  • Coconut lime sauce with sweet potatoe mash and kale
  • Mash and broccoli with carrots
  • Lemon wedges, broccoli and carrot
  • Spinach, onion, white sauce, rice, peas, carrot