21 Day Wonder Diet Australian Womens Weekly

AWW 21 Day Wonder Diet Chili Con Carne

I have been sorting through cookbooks and getting rid of ones I don’t use and kept the rest. The recipes in the 21 day wonder diet from Australian Women’s Weekly has great recipes. I have done this diet several times so wont be repeating the whole thing but will post photos of meals I have remade. Recipes are subject to copyright so can’t repost them here.

Lite N’ Easy Summer Menu Week B

1200 Calories 7 day Menu B

1200 Calories 7 day Menu B

Week completed all meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks 1200 Calorie Plan with Lite N’ Easy and I loved all the meals.

So much variety and never hungry. When you first get the box the portions look so minute compared to other plans

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Michelle Bridges : Crunch Time Cookbook Recipes

Michelle bridgesRecipes are copyrighted but these are my photos of meals I have made. I have a ton of healthy cookbook with great recipes and I did the 12wbt program a couple of years ago but still make some of the great recipes. They don’t bog you down and give energy burst. Just divide the meals into the qty serves shown on recipe and any serves leftover will keep for another meal.

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